What DVS members say about their club

Members of Delaware Valley Synergy tend to have strong feelings about this organization.  And for many good, sometimes unique, and, even very personal reasons. 

Here, in their own words, are the reasons they joined, the reasons they enjoy it, and why they stay in Delaware Valley Synergy:  (All names have been withheld for the privacy of our members)

     "We found Synergy online while we were living in NY in 1996. Since we were planning to move to this area we figured we give it a try. We were originally looking for playmates and we found them, lots of them. Over the years these bed fellows became our close friends and now today we have the best of both worlds, lots of sex and lots of friends. It was one of the best lifestyle moves we ever made. There is more to synergy then sex there are lasting friendships and a group of people who care and are there for you when times get rough.

     "We first tried the lifestyle almost 8 years ago, after 15 years of traditional monogamy.  Needless to say, we were excited, but also SCARED.  We had some very real concerns about hurting our relationship.  A babysitting glitch kept us from going to a regular swing club for our first experience.  The next day, we came across DVS on the internet, and attended an orientation two days later.  We found ourselves among warm, friendly people who weren't pushy, at all.  We liked what DVS seemed to offer, and decided to join.  The couple's raps helped us get our bearings in this lifestyle, and we believe this helped us to avoid a lot of the common problems that other couples seem to run into.  Today, we count many of our best friends in DVS, we're still having fun, and our relationship is better than ever!"


     "We met each other here in DVS over 8 years ago.  The people we have met have been lasting friends, some even lovers.  This is a wonderful group for varied events, some social, some discussion groups, and some parties.  It is a safe place for beginners to learn about our lifestyle- and also a place for experienced people to feel comfortable with people they meet."


     "Have you ever really disliked someone and told your friends about it? What was their reaction? Maybe they agreed with you; maybe they didn’t. But they most likely were not too disturbed with you.  Now, have you ever loved more than one person and admitted that to your same friends? Have you ever let them know you enjoy sex with more than one lover? What was their reaction this time? 
     For years, I have often wondered why our culture makes it so easy to dislike and hate others, yet makes it so extremely uncomfortable to love and be intimate with more than one person (and I don’t mean your children). Look at the news, the movies, the papers: killings, beatings, robberies, etc.; all OK.  Nothing disturbing there!  Now consider the wasted airtime and print on extra marital affairs, pornography and the like.
     Well, in DVS I have finally found folks who can form relationships that sometimes include love and intimacy with one another. That freedom has added a wonderful dimension to my life."

     "My wife and I joined DVS out of curiosity.  We stayed because of the friendships we developed.  We feel safe at parties, and safe in the relationships we made.  DVS people know that "No means no,"  and they don't hold it against you if that's how you feel that night. 
     "My wife recently went through an unexpected, life-threatening medical problem.  It put her in the hospital intensive care unit for several weeks.  She's fine, now, but this event had a sudden and profound impact on me, as well as on our children.  While she was in the hospital, I was taking care of them on my own, feeling anxious and isolated.  But, the friendship and support of our DVS friends really helped get us (especially me) through this very trying time in our lives.  You see, her family is gone, and mine is mostly several states away.   But the many gift baskets, flowers, visits, phone calls, & emails of support that came from our friends in DVS, let me know that we weren't alone."

     "My partner and I have been members of DVS for ten years.  During this time, we have established many friendships. Both of us enjoy interacting with the open-minded people of Synergy.  Through the years, there have been many exciting and interesting experiences:  a nature hike, a river rafting trip, and a permissive party to name a few ."


     "We have been members of DVS for 9+ years and have made many friends and lovers in this organization."  The diversity of things to do is great."





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